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The objective of Plates Yukon is to document the different variations and patterns in Yukon licence (license) plates. The focus is on newer plates because the amount of variation is greater and the information is more readily available. Up to now, the types and variations of more-modern plates have been under documented. Information on older plates will appear here in due course, working backward in time.

You can find historical information and plate photos that are indexed by both plate type and year.

There is also a list of links to other information about Yukon licence plates.

This site is a cooperative work in progress by Tim Green and Richard Zral of Whitehorse, Yukon. Feel free to contact us using this CONTACT button if you have questions.

This site is a work in progress and we don't (yet!) have all the information to make it complete. We could use your help in making Plates Yukon an even-more-valuable resource for everyone by including your expertise and photos. More details via this HELP! button.

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