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Year: 1978

The plates for 1978 are lightweight steel, painted white with green lettering. The backs of the plates are painted white. These plates have round holes. The plates with the goldpanner have a "nugget" of gold paint in the gold pan; the goldpanner is embossed.

Passenger: xx·nn


The first letter on these plates indicated the location where the plate was issued, using the same letters as in 1976.



There were several varieties of commercial plates for this year:

  • 1C·nnnn-series for commercial vehicles not covered by some specialized type of plate
  • 1L·nnnn-series for livery (taxi) vehicles
  • 1P·nnnn-series for public service vehicles (PSVs). What are PSVs?
  • 1R·nnnn-series for restricted vehicles.


Yukon government: Gnnnn


The Yukon government black-on-orange plates (long slots) were used from 1965 until they were superceded by the Gxx·n series in 1982 and the YTGnnn series in 1985.

Federal government: Xn Xnn Xnnn Xnnnn Xn·nnn


Federal (dominion) government vehicles carried dark grey plates with green lettering from 1951 to 1982. Some lettering is turquoise due to a bad paint batch. Some with four-digit numbers had a dot between the first and second digits.

Dealer: 1D·nnnn


Motorcycle: 1M·nnnn


Motorcyle plates in 1978 were different than in any other previous year.

  • Different size (approximately 24.1 X 11.2 cm; 9.5 X 4.5 inches)
  • No date embossed on plate, a trend that took hold with the 1982–84 series
  • Sticker 78; stickers for all plates started with the 1980–81 series

Rental (u-drive): 1U·nnnn


Snow machine: 1S·nnnn


Snowmobile plates for 1978 were the same form factor as for motorcycles (above), no embossed year, sticker 78.

Trailer: 1T·nnnn


Trailer plates for 1978 were the same form factor as for motorcycles (above), no embossed year, sticker 78.

Radio Amateur: VE8·xx VE8·xxx


In 1978, Yukon radio amateur callsigns were still using VE8, which was shared with NT. VY1 callsigns came into use in 1979.

Sample: 0000


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