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Year: 1991–current

Plate info

Yukon started issuing the current pattern plate in 1991. Plates are aluminum, painted with reflective paint on one side. The numbers are embossed. The gold panner is painted, not embossed, and there is no "gold nugget" in his pan as in pre-1985 plates.

The plates have a slight indentation in the bottom right-hand corner to accept a year validation sticker, which is a different colour every year. The slight indentation in the bottom left-hand corner is for the blue month validation sticker; plates expire at the end of the month related to the first letter of the last name of the owner according to this table:

Expiry Month First Letter
January F, H
February M
March B
April D, E, O, V
May N, T
June (governments)
July R, W, Y
August I, J, K
September C, Q, X
October A, P
November S, U, Z
December G, L

Unless other arrangements are made, governments use June as the expiry month. Corporations use the month corresponding to the first letter of their corporate name but are allowed to choose a different month in consulation with Motor Vehicles.

Yukon stopped issuing year stickers in 2022.

Plate types

passenger Axxnn Bxxnn Exxnn Hxxnn Jxxnn

commercial Cxxnn Cxnnn Cnnnx

dealer DLRnnn Dnnn

municipal government Dxxnn

Canadian government FGxnn

farm Fnnnn

Yukon government G4nnnn YTGnnn Ynnnn

motorcycle Mnnnnn

off-road vehicle Annnnn


rental Rxxnn

snow machine Snnnn

trailer Tnnnnn nTnnnn

radio amateur VY1x VY1xx VY1xxx

veteran 1nnn

sample 0000


antique (vintage)



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