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The Klondike

1991– other 1991 plates

Commercial plates, 1991 pattern

Cxxnn series

1991_CCF55 1991_CCX96 1991_CFJ65 1991_CJP75 1991_CLA41 1991_CXA96 1991_CZA82

Several principal variations exist in the Cxxnn series:

  • COMMERCIAL upper case; tall letters on plate number; e.g., CCF55
  • The Klondike title case; medium-width font, short letters on plate number); e.g., CCX96
  • Commercial sentence case; medium-width font, short letters on plate number; e.g., CFJ65
  • commercial lower case; thin font, tall letters on plate number; e.g., CJP75
  • The Klondike title case; thin font, tall letters on plate number; e.g., CLA41
  • The Klondike title case but bolder than previous; thin font, tall letters on plate number;, e.g., CXA96, compare with CLA41
  • The Klondike title case; thick font, tall letters on plate number; e.g., CZA82

In theory, the COMMERCIAL/Commercial/commercial plates are for heavy vehicles, e.g., dump trucks and heavy transport vehicles while The Klonkdike plates are for lighter commercial vehicles that might otherwise have passenger plates, e.g., pickup trucks and cars.

The definition of what sort of commercial vehicle gets which type of plate is somewhat fluid. There are some fairly heavy specialized vehicles (e.g., pickup trucks with industrial equipment or truck bodies permanently mounted in the rear) with the light-vehicle plates. Many definitely commercial vehicles (e.g., name of company painted on side) carry passenger plates.

One might expect that plates in this series were manufactured and issued starting with CAA01 all the way through CZZ99. That is probably not the case. The plates marked The Klondike are generally alphabetically later in the series and on different types of vehicles than Commercial/commercial/COMMERCIAL ones, which are generally earlier in the series. There are old examples of both so it's likely they were issued in parallel.

The first half of the series, i.e., CAxnnCKxnn(?), is a mixture of COMMERCIAL, Commercial, commercial, and The Klondike, even inside a sub-series. See, for example, the mixture of plate types in the CCxnn and CFxnn sub-series. Series CCXnn The Klondike (also CCVnn The Klondike, e.g., CCV03 below and CCZnn The Klondike, not shown) are error plates.

Hypothesis: Issue order for Cxxnn COMMERCIAL/Commercial/commercial series was CAxnn, CBxnn, possibly CGxnn, CHxnn, and then CJxnn; these were all commercial. After that, the mixture of types for CCxnn and CFxnn is confusing; possibly the COMMERCIAL plates were issued before the Commercial plates.

Were CKxnn ever issued? If so, were they commercial or The Klondike?

The last half of the series, i.e., CLxnnCZxnn, all carry The Klondike and appear to progress generally alphabetically from older to newer. There is, however, some mixture of wide and narrow fonts in these series: CVxnn (all wide font?), CWxnn (wide at the start of the series, at least CWA and CWB; narrow at the end), CXxnn (narrow at the start of the series; wide at the end, possibly only CXXnn and CXZnn), and CZxnn (all wide). The different fonts indicate different manufacturers or at least different production runs and thus a strict numerical progression probably did not take place.

The last CZZnn plates (last of the Cxxnn series) were issued in early 2019. The ambiguous distinction between heavy and light commmercial vehicles (comments above) still exists. New commercial plates are still being issued in the Cxnnn series as well as in the new Cnnnx series described below.

More research is required to understand how plate types correlate to number series in the first half of Cxxnn.


  • xx excludes letters I, Q, U, and Y but includes letter O.
  • nn includes 0199.


1991_CAA99 1991_CAT44 1991_CBK36 1991_CCF85 1991_CCM21 1991_CCT95 1991_CCV03 1991_CCV84 1991_CCX06 1991_CCX92 1991_CEF50 1991_CEV12 1991_CEV37 1991_CFB30 1991_CFE09 1991_CFF44 1991_CFH59 1991_CFL84 1991_CFM11 1991_CJZ19
1991_CLA41 1991_CNA29 1991_CON20 1991_CPM41 1991_CRT28 1991_CSJ20 1991_CTM27 1991_CVB58 1991_CWB47 1991_CWZ71 1991_CXP86 1991_CXZ64 1991_CZA79

Cxnnn series

1991_CF827 1991_CJ290

The Cxnnn plates are for heavy vehicles and large trucks, the same as Cxxnn Commercial/commercial variations above. One sporty car was observed in Whitehorse with a Cxnnn plate.

Series CKnnn was issued starting about May 2018 and CLnnn in May 2019. The CMnnn series appeared in mid-2020, CNnnn appeared mid-2021, and CPnnn appeared early 2022.

There are two variations in the Cxnnn series:

  • COMMERCIAL upper case, range CA001-CG500
  • Commercial sentence case, heavier font, starting CG501


  • x will probably exclude letters I, O, Q, U, and Y as the series evolves.
  • nnn includes 001999.


1991_CA001 1991_CA562 1991_CB236 1991_CC139 1991_CD773 1991_CE596 1991_CF457 1991_CG482 1991_CG613 1991_CH705 1991_CJ285 1991_CK146 1991_CL312 1991_CM011 1991_CN396 1991_CP113

Cnnnx series


The Cnnnx started issue in early 2020, probably as follow-on to the Cxxnn series, which had been exhausted.

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