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1991– other 1991 plates

Dealer plates, 1991 pattern

DLRxxx series

1991_DLR250 1991_DLR636 1991_DLR848

A typical dealer might have half a dozen plates and never replace or retire them unless there is some good reason to do so (e.g., theft, damage, sale of the dealership). The 999 plates in this series were only exhausted in 2016.


  • dealer (lower case)
  • DEALER (upper case)
  • Dealer (sentence case)


1991_DLR252 1991_DLR303 1991_DLR556 1991_DLR715 1991_DLR800 1991_DLR889 1991_DLR909

Dxxx series


This series appeared in 2016 once the 999 plates in the DLRnnn series had been exhausted.



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