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Radio amateur plates, 1991 pattern

VY1x VY1xx VY1xxx series

1991_VY1T 1991_VY1BM 1991_VY1DEB 1991_VY1YK

Yukon radio amateur callsigns are generally of the form VY1xx or VY1xxx. Callsign plates thus generally have five or six characters. On plates with five characters, the gold panner is optional. Plates with six characters should not have the gold panner. One of the VY1AWG plates below has six characters stamped over top the gold panner; this plate is an anomaly.

Callsigns are assigned to individuals for their use and sometimes to clubs for use in special events. For example the VY1AWG plates below correspond to the callsign used by the Yukon Amateur Radio Association (YARA) during the Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse in 2012. The VY1CWG callsign was used during the Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse in 2007.

A significant exception (and the only exception so far) to the pattern of VY1xx or VY1xxx callsigns is VY1T, which is a callsign that was used during the opening of the 1941-vintage Aeradio Navigation Range Building at the George Johnston Museum at Teslin in June 2011. The VY1T plate (above) is the ony VY1x known to exist. There are two copies: YARA has one and the other is in the George Johnston Museum.


1991_VY1AV 1991_VY1AWG 1991_VY1AWGX 1991_VY1CAM 1991_VY1CBC 1991_VY1CWG 1991_VY1RM

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