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1991– other 1991 plates

Personalized plates, 1991 pattern

In some jurisdictions, personalized plates can have up to seven characters. Yukon personalized plates can contain one to six characters including spaces.

  • For six characters, there is no gold panner.
  • For five characters or fewer, the gold panner is optional.

Personalized plates are possible for motorcycles or snowmachines although those are rare. See FRED below.

Personalized plates are issued in pairs. Only one is required on the vehicle, on the rear.

The plate inscription must be approved by Motor Vehicles. The intent is to avoid plates that would be offensive to some. This might be more complicated than it sounds. See Government recalls unique licence plate and Government fixes public relations SNAFU.

Plates often run in themes, some of which appear below.


1991_CFCITY 1991_EWEKON 1991_HVB 1991_TIM01 1991_TINA 1991_FRED

Personalized plates can contain six or fewer characters including spaces. Plates are not supposed to have dashes but some do. CF-CITY has both a dash and one too many characters.

The gold panner is optional with five or fewer characters.

Theme: Yukon

1991_40BLW 1991_BRRR 1991_EWEKON 1991_NOKUY1 1991_U_CON 1991_UKONRS 1991_Y0B1G0 1991_YXY

Theme: names

1991_AIMEE 1991_BENNY 1991_CARR 1991_DAVID 1991_ELMA 1991_HARRY 1991_HU 1991_JAMES 1991_KIRBY 1991_MHALOU 1991_MYLES 1991_PAULET 1991_REJ 1991_ROXX 1991_RUFUS 1991_SHERRI 1991_SKY 1991_SYED 1991_TINA

Theme: nicknames

1991_AMSTER 1991_BERNER 1991_BIGSXY 1991_BLUEY 1991_BO 1991_BREDY 1991_BUD 1991_CORGI 1991_DALEK 1991_E_FUDD 1991_FROGGY 1991_GNAT 1991_GORCHO 1991_GRANNY 1991_GRUMPA 1991_HERB 1991_KAT 1991_KIWI 1991_LILITU 1991_LILMAN 1991_LURCH 1991_NISH 1991_OSOTE 1991_PATMAN 1991_PIXIE 1991_RADAR 1991_REDDOG 1991_SMOKEY 1991_STINKY 1991_T_BAZ 1991_TABBY 1991_TOPGUN 1991_WHIPPR 1991_WIMZY

Theme: numbers

1991_1 1991_2 Plate 1 was traditionally (pre-1970s) reserved for the Commissioner of the Yukon while during the 1950s and 1960s (maybe longer), plate 2 went to Victoria Faulkner, the Commissioner's secretary; more details. In the current series, plates 1 and 2 are personalized plates in the hands of a private collector.
1991_EI8HT 1991_TWELVE 1991_42 1991_50 1991_FIFTY 1991_888 1991_1337 1991_7777 1991_43639

Theme: business or product related

1991_BARBER 1991_CHON_FM 1991_CREATE 1991_H2OTEC 1991_ICETEC 1991_MEDIC 1991_MTNDOG 1991_PENDON 1991_SOLD 1991_ZMZMZM

Theme: statements

1991_BSHWCR 1991_DIRT 1991_DV8 1991_FIN 1991_GERMAN 1991_GLORY 1991_HAPY60 1991_HOPE4U 1991_IAM1LB 1991_IBLTIT 1991_JES4U 1991_PRINCE 1991_PRNCES 1991_RE4EST 1991_SNBRD 1991_TARFU 1991_URLUVD 1991_WER1

Theme: other

1991_1LOVE 1991_10NET 1991_454SS 1991_86HVN 1991_ACAD 1991_AKADI 1991_BLKLTS 1991_CFCITY 1991_CRYSI 1991_DOE77 1991_DOMINO 1991_FRY_2 1991_GJZED 1991_GS8558 1991_GUNSMK 1991_GYPSY1 1991_HERZ 1991_HHRS 1991_HVB 1991_IL76MD 1991_MANGO 1991_MAUID 1991_MINOUS 1991_ML 1991_MXB70 1991_R 1991_SAMRAI 1991_SHRDYT 1991_TELLE 1991_TMBRPT 1991_TRBBY 1991_UTFB 1991_VENUS

Theme: potential overlap with other series

1991_1337 This personalized plate 1337 might overlap with veteran's plate with the same number. But why 1337?
1991_ANA01 This personalized plate probably overlaps the much earlier standard passenger plate ANA01. The standard passenger plate does not include a space but one would still think that confusion could result.
1991_DOE77 While DOE77 might seem to overlap into the Dxxnn municipal series, the latter probably will not include letter O once it progresses that far.
1991_MXB70 MXB70 will probably never overlap any other series. The only Mxxnn plates are RCMP and they are still in MPxnn.
1991_RAI24 While RAI24 might seem to overlap into the Rxxnn rental series, rental plates do not include the letter I.
1991_TIM01 There is no Txxnn series yet, but if/when there is, it will not include letter I so there will be no overlap.

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