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The Klondike

1991– other 1991 plates

Rental plates, 1991 pattern

Rxxnn series

1991_RAA35 1991_RAP60 1991_RAP61 1991_RFA28

Rental vehicles carry the Rxxnn series. These include rental motorhomes, of which there are many in Yukon catering to visiting tourists.


  • The Klondike, narrow font
  • rental (lower case). Only a subset of the RAxnn series is like this, possibly only RAPnn. Actually, even inside the RAPnn series, there is no consistency; see RAP60 and RAP61 above, only the first of which says rental, or RAP30 and RAP87 below.
  • The Klondike, wide font


1991_RAP30 1991_RAP87 1991_RAR35 1991_RBH43 1991_RCP52 1991_RFA79 1991_RFV87 1991_RGH60 1991_RGL84

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