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1991– other 1991 plates

Veteran plates, 1991 pattern

1nnn series


Veteran plates started with 1001 with the first issue to Cpl (ret) Wannamaker, CD, in 2005. By mid 2016, latest issues were in the low 15xx range.

Veteran plates cannot be personalized with name, initials, or regimental affiliation. They are restricted to 1nnn.

The City of Whitehorse, in recognition of veterans' service to their country, does not issue parking tickets to cars with veteran plates.

More information on eligibility and application for veteran plates:


The poppy size increased some time between the 12xx and 13xx series.


1991_1001 1991_1167 1991_1234 1991_1359 1991_1488 1991_1500 1991_1511

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