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Government of Yukon, 1991 pattern

G4nnnn series

1991_G40192 1991_G46184 1991_G47701 1991_G48020

The G4nnnn series is for vehicles owned by Yukon's Fleet Vehicle Agency (under Highways and Public Works) and leased (short or long term) out to other Yukon government departments. The plate numbers are also used as vehicle numbers for internal management of the fleet. The number sequences are significant:

  • G40nnn - passenger cars
  • G41nnn - not currently used; plates retained for later use
  • G42nnn - cargo vans
  • G43nnn - passenger vans and buses
  • G44nnn - light-duty trucks (e.g., flatbeds)
  • G45nnn - 2X4 trucks
  • G46nnn - 4X4 trucks
  • G47nnn - sport utility vehicles
  • G48nnn - old full-sized sport utility vehicles
  • G49nnn - heavy-duty trucks


  • Most plates have a space between the second and third digits with government (lower case) on top.
  • Some plates have no spaces between digits with Government (sentence case) on top. These are in the 40301+ and 46101+ series.
  • Some plates have a space between the first and second digits with The Klondike on top. These are error plates. Some (starting with G47600?) made it into service before being discovered. The erroneous plates were withdrawn and replaced with correct plates (with government), same numbers, space between the second and third digits. Compare G47701 above and below.
  • Some plates have no spaces between the digits with government (lower case) on top.


1991_G40279 1991_G40341 1991_G42007 1991_G42100 1991_G43037 1991_G43087 1991_G44013 1991_G45024 1991_G45560 1991_G46090 1991_G46170 1991_G47011 1991_G47598 1991_G47660 1991_G47698 1991_G47701B 1991_G48039

YTGnnn series


The YTGnnn plates are found mostly (only?) on vehicles belonging to the Transportation Maintenance Branch of the Department of Highways and Public Works. These include vehicles and equipment for road maintenance across Yukon.

YTG stands for "Yukon Territorial Government." Since the devolution of many federal powers in the early 2000s, the Yukon government has been downplaying the "territorial" aspect of its existence in most government communications. Yukon is currently like a junior province in many ways, certainly ahead of NT and NU. No new YTG plates are contemplated. Instead, the Ynnnn plates are used when no YTG plates are available for reallocation.


1991_YTG001 1991_YTG411

Ynnnn series

1991_Y0080 1991_Y1196K

The Ynnnn plates are used primarily on vehicles that do not belong either to the Fleet Vehicle Agency or the Transportation Maintenance Branch. Some Fleet Vehicle Agency vehicles do carry Ynnnn plates but only if the original G4nnnn plates have been lost. Some Department of Community Services vehicles (e.g., ambulances, Wildland Fire vehicles) have Ynnnn plates. Some are found in Highways and Public Works outside of Transportation Maintenance. However, most departments lease their vehicles from the Fleet Vehicle Agency and those vehcles carry G4nnnn plates.


  • government on the top. Series starts at Y0001. Plates in the Y01nn and Y11nn series exist.
  • The Klondike on the top. These were manufactured in error and withdrawn. It is not known if any were actually put into service. Some have been replaced with government plates, same number; compare the two Y1137 plates below. These plates are in the series Y10nn and Y11nn.


1991_Y0107 1991_Y1137 1991_Y1137K

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