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Plates Yukon could really use your assistance in documenting the history of Yukon licence plates. We have discovered that some historical information seems to be lost and we don't have typical photos of every kind of plate.


Do you have information that seems to be missing from this site? For example, what were public service plates really used for? Or what vehicles carried restricted plates?

If you have information that you think could be useful on this site, please contact us and let us know.


We would like to have a high-quality photo of every type of plate for every year. Here is what we are looking for (see sample below at right):

  • large format high-resolution (plate at least 1000 pixels wide) – very important
  • as square as possible (i.e., camera parallel to plate); plate edges don't have to be parallel to photo edges – important
  • clear, not blurry, no significant shadows – very important
  • bare plate with empty bolt holes, if possible, not screwed onto something – important
  • a photo that you took, not one you snagged off the Internet somewhere – essential!
  • plate resting on a uniform-coloured contrasting background (e.g., light-coloured plate on dark background or dark-coloured plate on light background) with background showing through the bolt holes, if at all possible – important
  • a scan made on a large-format scanner would be great if it has a contrasting background

If you contribute a photo, you agree that we:

  • may crop or otherwise edit/adjust it;
  • put it online without associating your name with the specific photo. We will, however, list your name among general contributors to the site; and/or
  • might choose not to use it at all.

If you have a photo that you think would help round out this site (missing photos are generally indicated by "placeholder" images), please contact us and let us know what you have but don't email it to us right away. We'll tell you how to send it to us.

Thank you!

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